The Community Food Locker

The Council of Churches sponsors the Food Locker.  It is located in the basement of the Methodist Church on Church Street.  It is staffed entirely by volunteers, and food is distributed on the second Saturday of each month.  Anybody living within the Pine Plains school district is eligible to go to the food locker. Everyone who comes is served, and if they belong to another district, they are redirected for the following month’s distribution.  On a monthly basis, the Food Locker serves 25 to 30 families, which is equal to about 40 adults and between 50 and 75 children.

Some of the food distributed comes from monthly state supplies.  All the churches donate some staples and toiletries, and the local farms supply fresh vegetables in season, milk and meat.  

Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets are filled and distributed to the families who come to the Food Locker. The Food Locker is never closed because the manager, Pat Nanetti (518-398-7692), is always available to help in an emergency.

The concept of the Food Locker originated in the 1980's when Harry Wheeler, the local conservation officer, took excess deer meat to the Methodist church.  George Tenore, a member of that church, administered the distribution.  Mr. Tenore also distributed vouchers to the needy for drug store and grocery store supplies.  The Food Locker replaced the voucher system and its first manager was Joan Manferdelli, a member of Regeneration.

For more information on the food locker contact Penny Wheeler at : or (518) 398-6312.